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Selena Friday - Author


Selena Friday is in her thirties and married life can sometimes get a bit boring. She usually writes thrillers while her hubby is at work. But couples need some "just us" time, you know? So, they make plans to have a special night just for them every other Friday. Selena writes about some dirty phantasies she or her hubby can't let go off, and then they act them out.

One day, the hubby found a website where you could publish these kinds of stories (most stores don't allow them). And Selena found it hot to share their phantasies as long as it's relatively anonymous. So don't tell their in-laws, okay?

Yes, there are some daddy/daughter and brother/sister stories in the mix, but that doesn't mean they want to have sex with their real life family members. They are just phantasies. Many people have them, there is nothing wrong in their heads and they are not harming anyone.

Have fun!

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